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Graphite Rotor & Shaft

Our company supply graphite rotor which is made of high purity graphite, quality of graphite can affect the usage life of rotor, our product has the anti-oxidation protective coating, so the usage life will be extended to 50-60 days. Working description of graphite rotors: Graphite rotor is make up the shaft and blow head.The rotary rotor breaks the insufflated nitrogen (or argon) in the Aluminum fusant into numbers of dispersing bubbles, which are spreading in the metal liquid. As a result of gas partial pressure difference and surface absorption, the bubble absorbs the hydrogen and oxide and removes the gases out of the fusant as it rises, so as to purify the fusant. The bubble is small and dispersing, mixed well and twistly and slowly rises with the rotary fusant,keeps a long touch with the fusant, so the airflow will not arise and the purifying performance can be notably improved.